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Restore is a complete hydration program that,
within one month of use, can deliver major positive changes to your
energy levels and overall well-being.

Restore Hydration


Restore Hydration is an innovative and unique mineral concentrate formula that rapidly corrects the symptoms of cellular dehydration. Restore Hydration is a blend of over 50 types of organic sea minerals from Australia’s Great Barrier reef, Australian desert salts and Himalayan salts, and Stevia, mixed in a base of liquid chlorophyll. When the concentrate is combined with an appropriate volume of high quality spring or filtered water the electrolyte drink is able to bypass any biochemical blocks interfering with the passage of water into your cells.

It is the specific ratio balance between the Himalayan salt and the sea minerals in Restore concentrate that makes this unique hypertonic solution a powerful natural electrolyte. Restore Hydration fast tracks cellular re-hydration, which subsequently has a detoxifying effect on the cell. Restore is more powerful than any other electrolyte products on the market today.

Withing 2-4 weeks of continual daily use of Restore Hydration there will be improved cellular metabolic function giving you more energy, clearer mental function and fewer aches and pains.


As a result of many lifestyle factors, we  suffer from multiple metabolic blockages, preventing the effective passage of water into our cells. Restore helps bypass these blockages facilitating penetration of water into our cells. This allows for rapid shifts in energy and wellbeing can be achieved without the use of any additional supplements.


Restore is an intelligent electrolyte.

Commercial electrolyte drinks often contain excessive sugar, calories and artificial chemicals. They also usually contain high quantities of a chemical called Bromine. Bromine depletes your body of a very important mineral called Iodine that is essential for the balance and the metabolism of hormone production.

Restore contains organic trace minerals and salts that rehydrate your cells WITHOUT sugar, calories or artificial chemicals that negatively affect your biochemical balance.