The Story Behind Restore Hydration

Christopher Manton, the creator of Restore Hydration, is a functional medicine practitioner and educator

Christopher Manton is a functional medicine practitioner and educator who has worked clinically as a Sports Dietitian, Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritional Biochemist in Sydney and Hong Kong since 1995.

After completing an undergraduate degree in biochemistry in the 1980’s he has gathered post-graduate degree studies in education including a masters in nutrition and a diploma in natural therapies.

Formally known as the first health detective on line in 2006 he is now moving to Optimum Health in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches after returning from researching & treating clinically based illnesses underpinned by environmental toxin exposure within Asia. Go to to view his work in functional medicine over the last 20years and his mission statements regarding health and wellness.

He hopes to apply all his updated knowledge, experience and understanding of environmental detoxification and cellular metabolism to patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and many other health issues with an inflammatory base such as Chronic Fatigue, Gastro-intestinal Illnesses or Endocrine,  Vascular & Immune system dysfunction.

He is highly passionate and versed in the process of cellular rehydration and developing innovative ways to infuse water back into our cells. After watching the people on this planet deplete their trace & macro mineral stores & their capacity to hydrate their own cellular matrix since 2005 he has gone onto to develop his very own unique and powerful natural hydration concentrate.

Christopher’s own unique formula Restore Hydration is now being launched here in Australia and Hong Kong.